18 May 2013, Saturday, 17:48

Bashkortostan delegation participates in the joint session of the Supreme and General Councils of United Russia

author: Sergey Zakharov

On May 18, in the building of the Government of Moscow, the joint expanded session of the Supreme and General Party Councils of United Russia takes place chaired by the party leader, head of the Government Dmitry Medvedev.

Besides, the United Russia leadership, heads of regional branches and regional executive committees, active members of Young Guard movement, representatives of supporters of the party, total nearly 700 people take part in the session.

The delegation of Bashkortostan is headed by the Secretary of the regional branch of United Russia, the Chairman of the State Assembly RB — Konstantin Tolkachev.

The results of the forum of party projects will be summed up at the session, which took place the day before. Bashkortostan is a single subject of the country, which presented "Fellow countrymen" regional project there, which is realised at the initiative of the local branch of United Russia.