17 May 2013, Friday, 17:40

Beauty from Bashkortostan is awarded the crown and the title «Miss Russia International – 2013»

author: Elmira Sabirova

The representative of Bashkortostan Gulnaz Kutluzamanova is awarded the crown and the title of the I All-Russia international competition of beauty, good and creativity «Miss Russia International». One more girl representing republic, Ilmira Gabitova became «Miss Grace». The top three, besides the Bashkir beauty, included also girls from Moscow and Buryatiya. The competition which took place in the Republic of Tyva, was spent for the purpose of preservation of culture, traditions and customs of the peoples of Russia, development of public, social and cultural contacts between young people from different subjects of the Russian Federation. 20 beauties took part in it from the Republic of Altai, Armenia, Buryatiya, Kalmykia, the Kemerovo Region, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Kyrgyzstan, Moscow, Mongolia, Tomsk Region, Tyva, Tatarstan, Khakassia, Yakutia. Together with gifts Gulnaz Kutluzamanova received an invitation to participate in the International Competition «Miss Freedom of the World» which will be held in June in Albania, the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports RB informs.