17 May 2013, Friday, 13:48

Publishers of Russia developed their competence in Ufa

author: Alik Shakirov

The Regional seminar of the publishing manpower advanced training, organised by Association of Publishers of Russia (ASKI) at support of the Federal Agency on Mass Communications took place in Ufa. Publishers of Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Perm took part in it. Participants discussed questions of modern legislative base in the field of copyright, techniques of publishing preparation of book output, marketing, electronic books publishing, observance of specifications and publishing standards. The seminar program included reports by experts from Moscow — publishers, lawyers, experts in marketing, teachers of University of Press, in particular, the vice-president of Association of Publishers of Russia Oleg Fillimonov, the editor of "Nauka" publishing house Victor Terekhov, the general director of «Kniga po Trebovaniyu» publishing house Alexander Kazansky, a member of Committee on Copyrights of the International Association of Publishers (IPA) Elena Galustyan.

Following the results of the seminar the "Kitap" publishing house was awarded the Honourable diploma of the Russian State Children's Library for issuance of books with parallel texts «Grimm Jacob and Wilhelm. Gingerbread House» (in Bashkir, Russian and German languages), presented at the ASKI competition «Best books of 2012».