16 May 2013, Thursday, 17:45

Bashkir films will be shown in Chuvashiya

author: Alik Shakirov

The organising committee of the Cheboksary International Film Festival invited the "Bashkortostan" film studio to take part in its special program. The festival will be held in the city of Cheboksary from May 20 till May 25, 2013.

As "Bashkortostan" film studio informs, two short-length films by the film studio will be shown at the festival — "Roundabout" by the director of Roman Pozhidaev and «I will marry!» by director Tansulpan Burakaeva, and also «Born twice» documentary by Vilyura Isyandavletova.

The film «Born twice» have already taken part in the VIII Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema, XVIII International Festival of Films about Human Rights "Stalker" and the XI International Sports Films Festival "Krasnogorsky".

The Cheboksary International Film Festival will be held on the threshold of Days of Bashkortostan Republic in the Chuvash Republic which will take place from May 26 till June 1.