16 May 2013, Thursday, 15:40

Farmers of Bashkortostan bought 37,8 thousand tons of fertilizers – 80 percent from the plan

author: Galina Bakhshieva

According to the Ministry of Agriculture RB, for today republican agricultural producers purchased more than 37,8 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers that makes 80 percent from the plan.

At the moment 12 regions completely coped with this task. Chekmagushevsky, Sterlitamaksky, Tujmazinsky, Alsheevsky, Aurgazinsky and Ilishevsky regions are among them. And farmers of Chekmagushevsky region purchased in 3,7 times more mineral fertilizers, than it was planned initially. Sterlitamaksky region purchased in 2,1 times more.

As the Ministry of Agriculture informs, today on average 11,9 kg of mineral fertilizers on primary nutrient basis  are accounted for one hectare. Good stocks of additional fertilizing for fields are prepared by farms of Chekmagushevsky (52,1 kg per hectare), Sterlitamaksky (30,2 kg per hectare), Aurgazinsky (23, 9 kg per hectare) and Alsheevsky (22,2 kg per hectare) regions.