14 May 2013, Tuesday, 12:23

43 percent of the planned areas are sown with spring crops in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Despite torrential rains, the gain on spring sowing made 21 percent in Bashkiria for the past days off. And, in Zianchurinsky, Meleuzovsky and Tatyshlinsky regions farmers improved their indicators for more than one third, the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the republic marks.

For today spring sowing is spent on the area of 850 thousand hectares in the region that makes 43 percent from the planned area. From them spring crops and grain legumes are sown on the area of 661 thousand hectares (56 percent to the plan), sugar beet – on the area about 24,4 thousand hectares (45 percent), sunflower – on the area of more than 90,6 thousand hectares (51 percent).

Kuyurgazinsky and Meleuzovsky regions are among leaders on sugar beet sowing where it is already sown 92 and 91 percent of the planned areas.

Farmers of Abzelilovsky and Bizhbulyaksky regions are the first on sunflower sowing. At present 86 and 80 percent of the areas which were allocated for this oil plant are sown accordingly.