10 May 2013, Friday, 17:57

It is collected almost 600 thousand books within the limits of «Books – to Children» project

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

One of these days, the head of Regional Executive Committee of United Russia party Albert Miftahov personally passed books to pupils of children's homes of Salavatsky and Ishimbaisky regions. Inhabitants of the republic, participants of the «Books – to Children» project collected fiction, fairy tales and textbooks, ER.RU informs.

Arrival of visitors with such gifts became a pleasant surprise for pupils of Salavatsky Children's Home. According to teachers, children like to read very much, and read all books available in the Children’s Home. Though children have computers with access to the Internet, nevertheless it is much more pleasant for them to read books, looking through pages.

Albert Miftahov brought several boxes with books to the Children's Home, which children immediately took out. Pupils of Children's Home organised an improvised concert where they sang their favourite songs.

Then Albert Miftahov went to the Children’s Assistance Centre in the neighboring Ishimbaisky region.

It should be marked that the number of the collected books within the limits of the «Books – to Children» project already approaches 600 thousand pieces. Albert Miftahov will bring the next party of books from inhabitants of our republic to the Children's Home in the city of Octyabrsky.