10 May 2013, Friday, 15:19

Almost 1400 trees were planted in Abzelilovsky region

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

In Askarovo village of Abzelilovsky region workers of district organisations and establishments carried out an action on planting of more than one thousand coniferous and deciduous trees.

As the deputy head of Abzelilovsky forest area Azat Ahmedyanov marked, this action organised by the forestry and administration of Askarovsky rural settlement, was confined to the National day of forest planting.

Mass events on trees planting, laying out new parks, groves and walks became traditional in the region. Within the limits of the present volunteer clean-up 370 young fur-trees, pines, birches, larches, bushes of lilac and more than one thousand young pines were planted on the area of one thousand square metres. Green plantings of the region increased almost by 1400 trees.

As a whole, in the region for this spring more than 10 thousand people took part in volunteer clean-ups, 125 units of equipment were involved, 530 tons of waste were taken out, 1560 trees were planted, holes patching of road covering made almost three thousand square metres.