09 May 2013, Thursday, 19:15

Octyabrsky residents paid tribute to the memory of people died during the Great Patriotic War

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

The residents of Octyabrsky city paid tribute to the memory of heroes who did not come back from fights of the Great Patriotic War. As the information-analytical department of city administration informs, solemn meetings took place at busts to Talip Nurkaev, Shakiryan Gatiatullin, Muzagit Hairutdinov. Inhabitants of settlements, schoolchildren and veterans came to pay their respects to fighters. Deputy heads of city administration, heads of enterprises pronounced solemn speeches. And after the official part, they continued to communicate with veterans.

More than one thousand of Octyabrsky city natives – went to the front during the days of the Great Patriotic War. But not all of them were released home from war – 576 fighters laid down their lives on battle-fields. Their names are engraved forever on memorable obelisks.