09 May 2013, Thursday, 17:06

Fall of water level is observed in the rivers of Bashkiria

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

As the Bashkir Directorate on Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring informs, water in the rivers of Bashkiria continues to decrease.

Increase of flood plain level is observed today only near Andreevka village on the river White. The increase makes there 13 cm.

Meanwhile the river White near Ufa lost for a day 22 cm, and now the water level equals 325 cm on this site. For comparison: one year ago as of the same date the water level equaled here only 13 cm.

And water in the river Ufa near Shaksha increased a little — plus 2 cm for a day. Now the level stopped at the mark of 415 cm against 130 cm in 2012.

The river Deoma level decreased by 32 cm near Bochkarevo village. The water level amounts to 351 cm on May 9.  The last year indicator equaled 183 cm.

The water level in the river Yurjuzan went down by 70 cm and makes while 251 cm against 198 cm last year.