08 May 2013, Wednesday, 14:57

Ministry of Internal Affairs — to veterans: «Beware of swindlers on the eve of the Victory Day»

author: Olga Murtazina

The Ministry of Internal Affairs on RB warns about possibility of swindles towards veterans of war and homefront workers. The department press-service explains that congratulations and celebratory actions swindlers use as an occasion for a deceit. On the threshold of the Victory Day people over 80 years may receive messages like «you won a car in a celebratory drawing» or «you are granted a beneficial housing».

Having phoned to a "happy" veteran, swindlers, as a rule, ask to transfer them a certain sum — usually about 10 thousand rbl. Sometimes «pleasant news» is delivered to the elderly people by «social workers».

“In case you receive a similar message or a call, do not get easily hoodwinked, first speak to your relatives or police,” employees of law enforcement bodies warn.