06 May 2013, Monday, 17:30

600 symbols of the Great Victory were distributed in Beloretsk

author: Alim Faizov

In the city of Beloretsk, on the eve of 68th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, the action «St.George’s Ribbons» started under the traditional slogan «I remember, I am proud!».

As the information-analytical department of regional administration informs, the event organised by «Youth Leisure Centre» takes place annually, since 2005.

Beloretsk townspeople with gratitude accepted symbols of the Great Victory — St.George’s Ribbons. It once again confirms that efforts of organizers of the event were not in vain -  people continue to honour and remember deeds of heroes of that great war.

On Monday, May 6, volunteers and students distributed more than 600 St.George’s Ribbons in streets of Beloretsk. It is planned to distribute total more than one thousand symbols of the Victory among townspeople.