01 May 2013, Wednesday, 17:33

Beet growers of Blagovarsky region spent sowing on 10 percent of areas

author: Galiya Nabieva

In breaks between rains, farmers of the region continue a sowing-campaign. Grain and commercial crops sowing is conducted at the same time. The sugar beet sowing started in three region of the republic – Blagovarsky, Buzdyaksky and Chishminsky. Blagovar residents sowed this commercial crop already on more than 650 hectares that makes 10 percent to the plan, Buzdyak residents – 130 hectares (3 percent), Chismy – 104 hectares (2 percent).

In total this year it is allocated more than 54,5 thousand hectares under sugar beet in the republic, 24 areas will be engaged in its production, the agrarian department of the region informs. The greatest areas under the given crops, except the above-named regions, are allocated in Alsheevsky (8352 hectares) and Buzdyaksky (5199 hectares) regions.