30 April 2013, Tuesday, 12:54

UMPO showed unique innovative elaborations at the exhibition in Moscow

author: Alim Faizov

In Moscow "Forum-Hall" at the exhibition of innovative projects JSC Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) showed the first samples of high pressure compressor vanes of the perspective engine for PAK FA. Parts are made by moulding from intermetallic compound (alloy of titan and aluminium — titan aluminide). As the UMPO press-service informs, in this case  while retaining all strength properties the vanes from titan aluminide weight much less than the similar parts made from nickel alloys. It is a result of teamwork of UMPO and National Research Technological University «Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys» within the limits of the federal target-oriented program «Research and elaborations in priority directions of scientific and technological complex development of the Russian Federation for 2007 — 2013».

Except ready vanes, the association presented a demonstration sample of manufacturing process of a working turbine vane of low pressure for engine PD-14 which now is mastered at the enterprise.