29 April 2013, Monday, 14:21

Celebratory concert «Spring of the Victory» took place at the Ufa Recreation Centre "Neftynik"

author: Galiya Nabieva

In Bashkortostan the celebratory events devoted to the coming Victory Day started. The celebratory concert «Spring of the Victory», organised by BST TV channel together with "Yuldash" radio and "Kouray" TV channel took place at the Ufa Recreation Centre "Neftynik".

The concert program devoted to memory of those who lost their lives for the future of the Native land, included songs about our Motherland, about the multinational land of Bashkortostan, about enduring values: beauty, family, love, friendship, fidelity, etc.

More than 700 thousand people went to the fronts of the Great Patriotic War from Bashkir ASSR, about 300 thousand from them died there. 278 soldiers from Bashkiria were appropriated the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union for bravery and courage, and 35 soldiers became Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory. Our fellow countrymen Alexander Matrosov, Minnigali Gubaidullin, Musa Gareyev, Minnigali Shaimuratov, Dayan Murzin became symbols of courage and devotion to the native land. Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of those who had brought their personal contribution to the victory of our country over fascism came at the concert. There were a lot of students and children there.