26 April 2013, Friday, 18:34

Progress of spring field work was discussed in the Government of Bashkortostan

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Videoconferencing concerning spring field work, prevention of forest fires, and also sanitary-ecological state of cities and republican regions took place today in the Government of Bashkortostan. The Deputy Prime-Minister of Government RB Ernest Isaev conducted the conferencing.

As Ernest Isaev marked, in comparison with 2012, the state of winter crops this year was much better. As he said, the state of 450 thousand hectares, or 92 percent of the sowed areas were estimated as "good" in the republic.

“Farmers should fulfill the following task — finish spring crops sowing till May 20, as a last resort, till May 25,” the Minister said.

In 2013 from budgets of both levels 2,2 billion rbl. were directed for state support of agricultural producers, including for spring field work — 1,6 billion rbl. It is twice more than the last year.

Besides, the Government of the Russian Federation made a decision on additional allocation of 42 billion rbl. on agriculture development.

The specified means will be distributed among the regions in the near future, the press-service of the Government of Bashkortostan informs.