26 April 2013, Friday, 10:25

1,1 percent of the planned areas are sowed by spring crops in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

According to all available data from the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture, it is sowed 23 thousand hectares or 1,1 percent from the planned by spring crops. From them spring crops and grain legumes occupy 20 thousand hectares (1,6 percent).

For today spring sowing is conducted in 32 regions of the republic. 2,1 thousand hectares are sowed by farmers of Blagovarsky and Buzdyaksky regions each. Farmers of Alsheevsky region made spring sowing on 2 thousand hectares of fields.

More than one thousand hectares are sowed in Karmaskalinsky, Kugarchinsky, Kushnarenkovsky, Miyakinsky and Chishminsky areas.

In total this spring in the republic it is necessary to make spring sowing on the area of 2019 thousand hectares, including spring crops and grain legumes — on 1262 thousand hectares.