24 April 2013, Wednesday, 18:09

Police wants to learn all truth about itself

author: Alim Faizov

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is going to carry out the most scale poll of public opinion for the last years and to find out what inhabitants of Russia think about the work of the department and its employees. Police department is ready to spend for the truth about 70 million rbl. and 4,5 months for summarising of the poll.

As "Izvestia" informs the poll will cover all 83 subjects of Russia including Bashkortostan, and separate interrogations will be held at municipal and city level. Besides, safety level on transport, both among passengers, and among workers engaged there will be especially studied.

"Federal" poll provides opinion studying of not less than 800 adults in place of their actual residing.

In total it will be offered to answer 38 questions. Almost all of them will be open that is providing the free form of answer, and only two closed when variants of answers will be offered.