24 April 2013, Wednesday, 17:02

Tours of Bashkir Academic Drama Theatre come to the end in Kazan

author: Olga Murtazina

In Kazan tours of Mazhit Gafuri’s Bashkir Academic Drama Theatre come to the end. Exchange tours of Bashkir Theatre and G.Kamal's Tatar Academic Theatre take place two times a year. Citizens of Kazan saw seven premier performances: «White Steamship», «Happiness Price», «Once in Sanatorium», «Rudi — Never Off …», «Chicken from the Abc-Book», «Master and a Journeyman», «Dream Sea».

«Also the team went to Archinsky region of Tatarstan with a drama performance. During the stay of the theatre in the neighbouring republic a lot of meetings with the theatrical community and fellow countrymen took place. On April 24, the theatre comes back to Ufa», representatives of the theatre informed.