24 April 2013, Wednesday, 16:04

Navigation campaign-2013 was opened in Bashkiria

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Solemn opening of navigation campaign -2013 took place on Wednesday in "Ufa" river port.

The first four motor vessels will sail down the first open water — they will drag the float-boats prepared in the winter for the paper manufacture enterprise. Five vessels of shipping company will work in the northwest region of the country — will transport timber and road metal over Ladoga and Onega. In transit transportations over rivers White, Kama, Volga large-sized cargoes, export paper, timber, grain, nonmetallic construction materials will be delivered to ports. Also delivery of six high-pressure boilers for the Ufa aquapark is planned by river.

After the solemn raising of the navigation sail flag, prolonged blast of all vessels standing in port, navigation campaign-2013 was opened. The first passenger motor vessel will go on a cruise on April 27.