24 April 2013, Wednesday, 10:17

International conference on communications in modern society will be held at Bashkir Academy of Public Service

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

The International research and practice conference «Culturological and sociolinguistic aspects of communications research» will take place at the Bashkir Academy of Public Service and Management at the President RB on April 26. Organizers of the event are Bashkir Academy of Public Service and the Bashkir State University.

Representatives of scientific and teaching community, post-graduate students and interns from the Russian Federation, the United States of America, and Federal Republic of Germany will arrive to Ufa to discuss various aspects of communications in the modern global society.

Lecturers from Ufa universities, practising experts — psychologists, translators, and also foreign visitors — trainees of the Program of Fulbright Fund in Russia will make reports in the plenary part.

Social media as an instrument of communications in modern society, the Internet-media text as a format of modern media communications, asymmetry of dialogue in communications, skills to maintain communications with the help of «Networking» and many other things will be considered at the conference. Besides the plenary part, carrying out of two sections is planned within the limits of the forum.