23 April 2013, Tuesday, 18:15

For a day Ufa was cleaned from 10 thousand cubic metres of waste

author: Galina Bakhshieva

More than 137 thousand people became participants of the first city volunteer clean-up, which took place in Ufa on April 20. 25 thousand from them were involved in cleaning of roads. As the press-service of the capital administration marks, the number of participants of this scale cleaning increased by 178 percent in comparison with 2012.

Thanks to joint efforts Ufa for a day got rid of 10 thousand cubic metre of waste. In total 1100 units of specialised equipment were used in cleaning works.

The main task for today is to accomplish the city till May Day holidays on the threshold of which already traditional sanitary Friday will take place in Ufa on April 26. It is spent within the limits of the declared ecological month campaign. The month on sanitary cleaning and accomplishment of territories will last till May 20.