23 April 2013, Tuesday, 10:13

Farms received 178,4 thousand tons of milk in Bashkiria from the beginning of the year

author: Galina Bakhshieva

From the beginning of this year agricultural enterprises of Bashkortostan received more than 178,4 thousand tons of milk, 25 thousand from which are accounted for owner-operated farms.

For today the highest indicators on total yield are marked in Chekmagushevsky region — 12,9 thousand tons from the beginning of the year. Sterlitamaksky region is on the second place with more than 12,4 thousand tons. "Bronze" is given to Dyurtyulinsky region where farms received over 10 thousand tons of milk, the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB marks.

Meanwhile, the amount of milk purchased from the population reached almost 13 thousand tons for this time. Thus most of all surpluses of milk were bought from inhabitants of Ilishevsky region — more than one thousand tons. This indicator exceeds 680 tons in Ermekeevsky region, in Miyakinsky — 575, Baimaksky — 560 and Meleuzovsky — 556 tons.