22 April 2013, Monday, 12:28

Today – the International Mother Earth Day

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

Today the whole world celebrates the International Mother Earth Day. It is spent under the aegis of the United Nations as the day of our general home —the planet of Earth.

The holiday was established at 63rd session of General Assembly of the United Nations on April 22, 2009 and it is marked annually.

Meanwhile the tradition to mark the Earth Day on April 22 appeared in the USA in 1970; in 1990 this day became international. In Russia it is marked since 1992.

In northern hemisphere the Earth Day is observed in spring, and in southern hemisphere — in autumn. The main objective of this world event is to attract attention of society and each person of the planet to problems of the Earth, to problems of its environment.

Annually scientists from different countries gather this day at round-table conferences for discussion of global environmental problems. In the different countries events and actions are organised: conferences, exhibitions, closing of automobile movement in streets of large cities, cleaning of the territory and planting of trees, volunteer clean-ups.

In Russia traditionally International Mother Earth Day is considered the day of public organizations, which carry out various ecological activities. This day all interested persons can take part in accomplishment and gardening of their court yards and streets.