21 April 2013, Sunday, 15:23

«Become a donor – save lives» action took place in Ufa

author: Galiya Nabieva

On the National Donor Day, April 20, within the limits of projects «I am a volunteer» and «I Do Good Deeds» the action «Become a donor – save lives. Become a donor – come at the hemotransfusion station» was spent.

All the day activists congratulated inhabitants of Ufa on the holiday and distributed the leaflets containing the information about how to become a donor.

Responsive people supported the initiative. After all thousand sick people constantly need blood components and preparations every day. Ufa townspeople understand that human lives depend on compassion, humanism.

“The donorship is socially important theme affecting interests of any person without exception. We understand that shortage of donor blood and its components in case of emergency play a pivotal role. Even if several persons will respond to the request to become a blood donor it is already a step towards people for saving their lives,” – Maria Sivenko, the project head commented on the event.