19 April 2013, Friday, 12:43

The memorandum on creating «E-learning of Bashkortostan» Association is signed

author: Galina Bakhshieva

On April 18, in Ufa the memorandum on creating Association of Educational Institutions «E-learning of Bashkortostan Republic» is signed.

As the President of Academy of Sciences of Bashkortostan Ramil Bakhtizin explains, the Association sets a task to unite efforts for promotion of e-learning and remote educational technologies in the republic.

According to the Association Charter, main objectives of its activity are consolidation of efforts and coordination of all educational institutions of Bashkortostan at once in several directions. These are development and perfection of levels of general and vocational education, extended and vocational training, and also scientific activity in the region.

According to Ildar Yamalov, the head of the Agency for Information Technologies, the long-term target-oriented program on e-learning will be a basic instrument of the state support. It is expected that it will be developed by the end of 2013 after that «we plan for the next three-seven years a complex activity for creation of complete e-learning system in Bashkortostan».