18 April 2013, Thursday, 17:10

Large and medium enterprises of Bashkiria received 22,5 billion rbl. of profit in January-February

author: Elvira Latypova

22,5 billion rbl. of profit were received by large and medium enterprises of Bashkortostan in January-February. It is by 2,5 times more than the comparable indicator of the last year, the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency informs.

Statisticians mark that the total financial result was affected by profitable work of processing manufactures, transport and communications companies, and also companies specialising in operations with real estate, rent and granting of services.

The share of unprofitable large and medium enterprises and organisations amounted to 20,9 percent — 293 from 1404. At the same time of 2012 18,4 percent of companies were unprofitable.

The total loss of unprofitable enterprises following the results of two months made 3,3 billion rbl. — by 37,1 percent more than in January-February, 2012.

Statisticians register the greatest sums of loss in construction and in processing manufactures.