18 April 2013, Thursday, 12:24

Average monetary income of an inhabitant in Bashkiria is about 17 thousand rbl. per month

author: Elvira Latypova

Monetary incomes of republican inhabitants on average per capita made 16 960,9 roubles per month in January-February, the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency informs.

The cumulative indicator developed in the sum of 137,8 billion rbl.

Real disposable monetary incomes grew by 3,1 percent by January-February, 2012. They are calculated with a deduction of obligatory payments and adjusted by a consumer price index.

The monthly average added wages made 20 025,3 roubles in January-February – by 12,1 percent more than the year before. On this indicator Bashkortostan is on the fifth position in the Volga Federal District after Tatarstan, the Perm Territory, Samara and Nizhniy Novgorod Regions.

The real salary (taking into account a consumer price index) increased by 4,5 percent.

As of April 1, number of officially registered unemployed in Bashkortostan was 27,2 thousand people. For a month it decreased by 0,9 percent. Level of registered unemployment, according to the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency makes 1,3 percent of economically active population.