17 April 2013, Wednesday, 16:24

Tax arrears have grown almost to 17 billion rbl. in Bashkiria

author: Elvira Latypova

The cumulative tax arrears as of the beginning of April in Bashkortostan have made 16 billion 967 million rbl. It is by 4,8 percent more than in the beginning of the year, the Bashkir Directorate of the Federal Tax Service informs. In the specified sum the consolidated social tax and social off-budget funds arrears are not considered.

Additional sums assessed by results of examination, and also registration of indebted tax bearers from other regions influenced the quarter results.

The consolidated social tax arrears and payments to the social off-budget funds arrears, collected by tax specialists, as of April, 1 made 1,55 billion rbl., that is less than the comparable indicator of the last year by 21,4 percent.

In the arrears structure 83,1 percent (14,1 billion rbl.) are accounted for federal taxes and tax duties,   9,4 percent (1,59 billion rbl.) are accounted for regional ones, 2,8 percent (482 million rbl.) for local, 4,7 percent (787 million rbl.) for taxes with special tax modes.