17 April 2013, Wednesday, 14:40

Champion of Paralympic Games was demanded a bribe for a disablement certificate

author: Olga Murtazina

In Ufa the head of the bureau No.10 «The Main Bureau of Medical-Social Examination on Bashkortostan Republic» became a person involved in the criminal case on bribe. According to the investigation version, the 55-year-old official in March of the current year at carrying out of the next inspection of Ufa resident established that the patient should have been permanently recognised as the sight-disabled person. Thus for issuance of the certificate he demanded a compensation of 50 thousand rbl. The Ufa resident, being the champion in swimming of the Paralympic Games in Beijing and London addressed to the law enforcement bodies. Policemen performed an operation in which course after reception of money the official was detained. As the press-service of republican Office of Public Prosecutor informs, now the investigation proceeds. The Office of Public Prosecutor of the Kirov district of Ufa took the investigation course under its control.