15 April 2013, Monday, 16:50

USATU welcomed the International Robots Competitions

author: Dmitry Slezin

A selective stage of the International Robots Competitions «World Robot Olympiad-2013» for schoolchildren took place in the Ufa State Aviation Technical University.

Competitions were held in three age groups. In junior group (10-11 years) all prize-winning places were won by children of the First Children-Youthful Studio of Robotics RB at the Academy of Sciences RB. Competitors should have constructed a robot – fabric designer applying the manual technique "batic".

In the second group schoolchildren from Republican Bashkir lycée-boarding school won. Here the task for robots was more difficult – construction of a Buddhist temple «Borobudur».

Among the senior children Anna Romashko, the pupil of the First Children-Youthful Studio of Robotics RB became the winner.

Here it was the task to design a robot for gathering and preservation of eggs of huge goanna — a dragon from Komodo island.

Now teams-winners from Bashkiria will take part in the All-Russia stage of «World Robot Olympiad». It will be held in Moscow on April 26-28. And the international stage will take place in Djakarta (Indonesia) in November, 2013.