15 April 2013, Monday, 11:33

Water level on the Yumaguzinsky water basin for a day rose by one and a half metre

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

According to the Bashkir Directorate on Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring, the water level on the Yumaguzinsky water basin for a day rose by 1,5 metres, on Nugushsky — by 0,7 metres. The water level fell by 10 centimetres on the Sakmarsky water basin, and by 10 centimetres increased on Pavlovsky water basin.

The situation on the river Sterlya in Sterlitamak is under control of specialised services. In the evening on April 9, an ice jam was formed there. As of April 14, the river returned into its riverbed. Eight apartment houses are flooded, water pumping out is made, evacuation of people is not required.

On Saturday, April 13, an ice jam on the river White from Beryozovka village to Kamyshlinka village of 12-15 km was formed in Birsk region. The same day mine lighters team of the military unit No. 63494 made 21 ice blasting. As a result the ice jam moved downstream and was formed near Sosonovy Bor village. Blasting work is planned here too on April 15. There is no flooding of settlements here.