12 April 2013, Friday, 16:15

Legendary cosmonauts Vladimir Lyahov and Alexander Balandin will celebrate the Cosmonautics Day in Ufa

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Space pilots Vladimir Lyahov and Alexander Balandin will mark their professional holiday in Ufa. Cosmonauts will take part in the round-table conference «Bashkortostan Contribution to the Space-Rocket Complex Development of the Country» and will communicate with pupils-winners of the Olympiad on Gagarin's Cup in the Ufa Grammar School No.93.

As the head of public relations department of Ufa State Aviation Technical  University (USATU) Sergey Kamenev informs, the leading scientists of USATU engaged in space programs will take part in the round-table conference: the professor of strength of materials chair Yuriy Pervushin, the pro-rector on procedural and institutional affairs of the USATU, the electrical machinery department head Flyur Ismagilov, the professor of electrical engineering chair Irek Hairullin and the telecommunication systems department head Albert Sultanov (under his supervision "USATU- SAT" satellite  was created).

There will be also veterans of "Baikonur" cosmodrome, the native of Bashkortostan the test pilot Ural Sultanov.

“Schoolchildren will communicate informally with cosmonauts and will ask all interested questions,” Natalia Popova the deputy director of the Grammar School said.