12 April 2013, Friday, 15:13

Water level in the river White rose by 1,22 metres for a day in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

By data as of April 11, in Ufa water level in the river White for a day rose by 122 cm and reached 294. Near Sterlitamak the water rose by 17 cm, the water level is equal 337 cm so far.

The river Ufa near Shaksha district for a day rose by 74 cm. The water level in it according to all available information is equal 225 cm.

The water level in the river Deoma near Bochkarevo in Chishminsky region is equal 421 cm – plus 15 cm for a day. And on the contrary, the water level in Sterlya near Otradovka village of Sterlitamaksky region decreased by 26 cm and made 572 cm. The Yuryuzan river in Salavatsky region for a day also lowered by 13 cm and now the water level in it amounts to 290 cm.

According to the Bashkir Hydrometeorological Agency, on April 12, it will be partly cloudy in Bashkiria, with occasional light rains with snow. The air temperature during the day will be from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. The northeast wind of 9-14 metres per second is expected.

Pavlovsky, Yumaguzinsky and Nugushsky water basins still continue filling of water.