10 April 2013, Wednesday, 17:33

Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan made a rating of rural areas on animal industries

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan has made a rating of rural municipal areas on various indicators of industrial activity in comparison with the last year indicators.

Thus, Buzdyaksky region is recognised the best on increase in milk manufacture in January-February, 2013 — plus 37,3 percent. The second and third lines in the rating are occupied by farms of Fedorovsky and Gafuriysky regions — 16,3 and 14,8 percent, accordingly.

The Chekmagushevsky region became the best on milk yield per cow in January-February of current year — 903 kg. "Silver" and "bronze" were received by Sterlitamaksky (794 kg) and Tatyshlinsky (767 kg) regions.

Krasnokamsky (119,4 percent), and also Kugarchinsky and Belokataisky regions  are among leaders on livestock cattle growth following the results of the first two months — by 115,6 percent.

Kushnarenkovsky region was recognised the best on growth of cows livestock — 118,9 percent in relation to the similar period of 2012. Birsky and Ishimbaysky regions are on the second-third places  — 111,6 and 108,1 percent, accordingly.

According to analytical department of the Ministry of Agriculture RB, agricultural enterprises of Tatyshlinsky, Buzdyaksky and Mechetlinsky regions became the best on calf crop per each 100 cows. In each of them from 32 to 40 calves were received.