10 April 2013, Wednesday, 11:37

Bashkir variant of «Gangnam Style» promptly gains popularity on the Internet

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The cover-version of the well-known single «Gangnam Style» by the South Korean executor and the author of songs PSY was executed by singers of "Dalan" creative team.

The lyrics of the song was translated into the Bashkir language. Girls in national suits were shown in the clip, and kubyz, accordion and kuray were used in the musical background. The singers wrote their own lyrics for the clip, the cover-version got the name «Dalan Style». The author of lyrics Filyuz Kalmurzin conveyed only the meaning of the original composition. Shootings took place in the winter, at the "Akbuzat" hippodrome.

The new creation received mixed reviews. For example, in the republican 102.жж.рф (Live Journal) community  some bloggers criticized the clip, others lost in admiration.

“We expected to shock our admirers,” the author of the idea, the singer of "Dalan" creative team Arthur Tuktagulov says. “We were ready for negative reaction.”