09 April 2013, Tuesday, 13:45

Preferential flights from Ufa to cities of the Volga region were used by more than 190 passengers

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

A pilot project on development of regional aviation transportations has started to work at the Ufa International Airport since April 1.

According to the State Committee of Bashkortostan Republic on Transport and Road Facilities, from April 1 till April 7, 192 passengers departed from Ufa, and 187 arrived in the city.

The route "Ufa-Kazan" became the most popular — 77 persons departed, 83 arrived. 55 passengers departed to Perm, 68 arrived.

30 passengers made a flight to Orenburg, 15 arrived. 15 passengers used the preferential fares to Samara, and 9 people arrived in Ufa. Four people were sent to Ulyanovsk, 8 people arrived, six passengers came to Kirov from Ufa, and nine passengers arrived in the opposite direction.

It should be mentioned that tickets for the passengers going to the specified cities of the Volga region became cheaper by 50 percent. It became possible due to subsidies from the federal and regional budgets, provided for the organisation of air flights between 15 large cities on 37 direct flights. Besides, within the limits of the program it is organised 20 transfer routes at the expense of connecting flights at the airports of Samara, Kazan and Ufa. The pilot project of the program on development of regional aviation transportations will work till November 30.