08 April 2013, Monday, 13:45

About 82 thousand people addressed to Bashkiria employment service

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Almost 82 thousand Bashkortostan inhabitants addressed to the republican employment service from the beginning of 2013. More than 23,5 thousand from them asked for assistance in search for suitable jobs, about 22 thousand — for career guidance.

According to the information portal of the Ministry of Labour of Bashkortostan, in January-March, 2013 with assistance of employment service bodies almost 13 thousand inhabitants of the republic found jobs. The status of unemployed was received for this time by over 14 thousand people. About 2,3 thousand unemployed started free of charge vocational training directed by the employment centres.

As of the end of March this year there was more than 27,2 thousand of officially unemployed in the region. Level of registered unemployment made 1,33 percent.

In total from the beginning of the year the information from employers about availability of almost 79 thousand jobs was received by the republican employment service. Today the official jobs bank contains the information about 48,5 thousand unoccupied vacancies.  Accordingly, the intensity factor, or the ratio of unemployed people to number of jobs available made 0,6, by the end of the first quarter 2013.

According to surveys on employment problems for December 2012 — February, 2013, the number of economically active population amounted to 1996,5 thousand people in Bashkortostan. From them 118,4 thousand people were unemployed, according to standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The level of the general unemployment under ILO standards was 5,9 percent.

The average salary equaled 20190,7 roubles in Bashkortostan in January, 2013. The living wage for able-bodied population made 6151 roubles.