08 April 2013, Monday, 13:08

High water begins in Bashkiria

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

It can be observed on the main water objects of Bashkortostan primary spring ice processes —ice darkening, gullies, cracks, ice-holes, water on the ice, the Bashkir Directorate on Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring informs.

For the last days it was light rain in northwest areas of the republic, up to 2 mm, it was dry in other areas. Air temperature was 12-17 degrees Celsius during the day, in places up to eight degrees Celsius, at night from two to nine degrees above zero.

On Monday cloudy weather, rains from light to moderate, few thunder-storms are expected. The southern wind of 7-12 metres per second, fitful winds at thunder-storms are predicted. Air temperature will be at night from two to seven degrees Celsius, from four to nine degrees above zero during the day. In southern areas it is expected up to 14 degrees. Pavlovsk, Jumaguzinsky and Nugushsky water basins take measures for preparation for the forthcoming high water.

Emergency cases of ecological, hydrological and technogenic nature are not registered.