05 April 2013, Friday, 17:10

Bashkir scientists investigate practical application of new perspective carbon materials

author: Alim Faizov

At the next session of Presidium of the Ufa Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (UNTS RAS) physical and chemical aspects of new perspective carbon materials — fullerenes were considered.

The main accent is done on research in the conditions of ultrahigh vacuum and supervision of processes in situ with atomic resolution that considerably facilitated interpretation of experimental results and allowed spending detailed modeling of processes on the supercomputer. During the reports impressing 3D-images of separate molecules of fullerenes and fluorofullerenes were shown, for the first time received by means of the unique device — a scanning tunnel microscope.

The Institute of Petrochemistry and Catalysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences is one of world leaders in the field of selective functionalization of fullerenes with use of metallocomplex catalysts. Original catalytic methods of selective synthesis of various derivative fullerenes were developed at the academic institute.