04 April 2013, Thursday, 16:45

Sergey Shakhray suggested developing a draft law on supervising the housing and public utilities sphere

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The head of the Office of the Accounts Chamber RF Sergey Shakhray suggested members of Bashkortostan parliament acting as initiators of the draft law on the system of public and state control over housing and public utilities sphere.

“It will allow involving in the supervised sphere not only budgetary means, but also means of Russian citizens in the most painful and sensitive sector – housing and public utilities. Besides, it will create the important element of the external financial control system that is the control on behalf of society, on behalf of tax bearers over the country resources. We are from our part ready to participate in this work together with you,” Sergey Shakhray underlined on April 3 in Ufa, in the State Assembly House at the research and practice conference on development of external state financial control in the regions of Russia.