04 April 2013, Thursday, 14:26

Active snow melting and water level increase are expected in the rivers of Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

In Bashkiria, from April 6 till April 8, because of raise of temperature up to 8-16 degrees Celsius active snow melting and, as consequence water level increase is predicted.

Since April 7, because of the developed hydrometeorological conditions, break-up on the steppe rivers — confluents of the River White is expected, Bashkir Hydrometeorological Agency warns.

Process of ice destruction on the small steppe rivers, probably, will be accompanied by jams with sharp lifting of the water level. Flooding of the lowered watersides of settlements in river basins is possible. Because of jams the water maximum level in the rivers can exceed prognostic values, the Bashkir Directorate on Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring underlines.