03 April 2013, Wednesday, 17:00

Special task force of the Central Military Command is ready to struggle against high waters and ice jams

author: Alim Faizov

A special task force from aviation, engineering and medical divisions for rendering assistance to the population is created in the Central Military Command for struggle against spring high waters and ice jams. As the press-service of the Central Military Command informs, eight bombers Su-24М from the air base "Shagol", two helicopter flights Mi-8 and Mi-24 are allocated for liquidation of ice jams. The ground task force includes 28 demolition groups under the guidance of engineering officers and 15 evacuation-rescue crews. In their disposal there are 15 amphibian carriers and 52 units of automobile special vehicles, including ambulances.

Special task medical detachments and doctors-and-nurses brigades of 354th district military clinical hospital will render first aid to injured people. An-12 and An-26 planes will be used for searching and evacuation of people suffering distress.

“At the moment forces and means of the Central Military Command are in readiness for assistance to public authorities in the zone of its responsibility,”  the press-service of the Command informs.