03 April 2013, Wednesday, 12:37

Net profit of Uchalinsky mining and concentration complex decreased by 41 percent

author: Elvira Latypova

The net profit of JSC «Uchalinsky mining and concentration complex»(GOK) following the results of 2012 has made 1283,8 million rbl. It is by 41 percent less than the result of 2011, it is followed from the annual accounting reporting of the company.

The revenue of Uchalinsky GOK grew by 12 percent – to 19 363,6 million rbl. The cost price of sales increased by 27 percent – to 14 432,4 million rbl. The total profit decreased by 17 percent and made 4 931,2 million rbl. The income before tax following the results of 2012 was 1 729,5 million rbl. (minus 39 percent by 2011).

The JSC «Uchalinsky mining and concentration complex» is a township-forming enterprise of Uchaly (Bashkortostan); it produces copper, zinc concentrate, sulfuric flotation pyrite.