01 April 2013, Monday, 14:46

Since April 1, an average pension increases to 10 thousand 85 rbl. in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

In Bashkortostan the sum of labour pensions will increase by 3,3 percent. The government of Russia has confirmed indexation rates of pensions since April 1. The raised pension payments will be issued in the republic already from April 3, according to the established schedule.

This is the second increase of pensions this year for this category of citizens. Since February 1, labour pensions were already indexed by 6,6 percent.

“As a result of indexation the average sum of the labour old-age pension in the republic will be increased from 9800 to 10085 rbl.,” the member of the Board of the Pension Fund of Russia, the managing director on Bashkortostan Republic Foat Hantimerov commented on the increase of pensions. “The average amount of social pensions will make 6024 roubles in the republic since April 1.”

Since April 1, surcharges for outstanding achievements and special merits will be raised by 1,81 percent. Disability pensions to military men, members of their families and to persons who suffered from radiation influence will be also increased.