29 March 2013, Friday, 14:49

Uneasy summer is expected in Bashkiria - Bashgidromet

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The summer of 2013 is expected uneasy in Bashkiria, Bashgidromet (Bashkir Directorate on Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring) warns.

“According to the data of Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia, probability of this forecast makes 72 percent,” Anna Kozaeva, the chief weather forecaster of Bashkiria underlined. “The vegetation period-2013 promises to be warm in the republic, except for May when the amounts of precipitation will be above normal. The temperature in June is predicted above normal, and the amounts of precipitation will be close to regular values. The most difficult summer month will be July, with hot and dry weather.”

And August in the republic, both on temperature and precipitation promises to be close to average long-term values. In September weather forecasters predict air temperature “near normal is expected with less amount of precipitation over the south of the republic”.

As a whole the vegetation period of 2013 will be warm, with separate droughty periods, the head of Bashgidromet summarised.