28 March 2013, Thursday, 18:15

Bashkir farmers bought 58 percent of elite seeds planned for spring sowing

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The Bashkir farmers continue to buy elite seeds of spring grains and grain legumes for the forthcoming sowing-2013. For today from the planned 43808 tons of elite seeds 25341 tons, or 58 percent were filled up. As the republic Ministry of Agriculture underlines, one year ago at the plan of 40608 tons 21370 tons, or 53 percent were filled up.

According to all available data from the Agricultural Consulting Centre of Bashkortostan, farms of 11 regions completely provided the necessary quantity of elite seeds. In seven of them — Aurgazinsky, Bakalinsky, Dyurtyulinsky, Ermekeevsky, Ilishevsky, Kiginsky and Uchalinsky — the plan on purchase is exceeded by 5 — 33 percent.