28 March 2013, Thursday, 14:10

Inhabitants of Bashkiria will ask their main questions to the President of the republic

author: Galiya Nabieva

On April 11, at 19 o'clock a conversation with the President of Bashkortostan will take place on BST television channel. In a live television broadcast the head of the republic will answer questions of people from republican cities and villages.

It is possible to address to Rustem Khamitov already today. On the server of the President of Bashkortostan a special e-mail address is created: tv@bashkortostan.ru. Rustem Khamitov will consider all sent questions personally. He will answer the most pressing and interesting from them in a live broadcast.

It is not the first conversation with the head of the republic in a similar format. Direct television dialogue will take place for the fifth time already. Each person can receive an answer from the President of Bashkortostan during the program.