27 March 2013, Wednesday, 11:32

Meeting of Rustem Khamitov and Olga Golodets, the Vice-Chairman of the Government RF took place

author: Bashinform News Agency

On March 26, in Moscow the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov met with the Vice-Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets. As the press-service of the head of region informs, issues of family placement of children-orphans and children without parental support, increase of teachers wages, introduction of new standards in education were discussed at the meeting.

Rustem Khamitov informed that in the republic lump-sum benefits for the families which adopted children were paid in the amount of maternity capital (408 thousand rbl.), and the benefits increased to 508 thousand rbl. if disabled children were adopted. Besides, in Bashkortostan housing problems of children-orphans are systematically solved – last year more than 600 children received their own apartments in the region.

At the meeting the President of Bashkortostan also raised the questions on necessity to preserve ungraded rural schools, to change the standard concerning ratio of teachers and pupils in the countryside, and also to perform advancing construction of kindergartens.