27 March 2013, Wednesday, 9:43

Fashion designers from the «Slava Zaitsev» Moscow Fashion House will participate in the «Fashion Week» in Ufa

author: Elmira Sabirova

Spring fashion week be held in Ufa from April 14 till April 19. Organizers of the forum among which is modeling agency Premiera at support of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs of the State Assembly — Kurultay RB, promise that the program will be intense and interesting both for participants and for the audience.

«Fashion Designer of the Year», «Solar Circle», «Covergirl-2013», image displays from brand boutiques and shops of Ufa, photo-biennale, professional Fashion Performance from modeling agency Premiera — such is the list of the events, which are included in the "Fashion Week".

Fashion designers from different cities of Russia will show the last novelties of their unique collections in the creative competition «Fashion Designer of the Year».

The Fashion Week will come to the end with runway show of collections by winners of the competitions. The works will be estimated by  fashion designers from the «Slava Zaitsev» Moscow Fashion House, teachers of relevant educational institutions RB, representatives of the Russian and republican mass-media.